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BeBride helps you to find your ideal home, offering you villas and apartments of medium and high standing, in the suburbs or in the downtown, on the lake or in the mountains.

To crown your event, BeBride offers you exclusive holidays, short or long term,  aboard a motoryacht in Cannes, fitted with every comfort. A choice that means relaxation, privacy, charm and romance. A high-standing service, that will allows you to enjoy in freedom the wonders of the Cote d’Azur.


I still remember that marriage.

Twenty years have passed since that night when, with my old friends, lying on a lawn beside an old farmhouse, I was watching the stars and dreaming about the future. 

From the lanterns above the dry wall that enclosed the garden came the light of the cream-colored candles, and from the tables on the patio, the voices of the guests were just perceived.

To each of the guests, without distinction, life had reserved that great day of joy, hugs, glasses of wine drunk in company, and small pleasures shared together. 

I felt fine, where I was. I felt light and happy, without a doubt. I thought that everyone at least once, should live such beautiful moments.

I thought I would have liked to reproduce moments like those, which remain forever in the mind, and which have been the spark of a dream.

So, bebride was born.

Who We Are

BeBride is your trustful confidant who listen to your every desire and carefully plan all the details according to your wishis to create a truly magical day for your wedding, birthday or graduation party with care and utmost professionalism.

The founders, Laura and Paula, are with you every step of the way to advice you for any choices that regards your special day and peace of mind. If you desire to have a partner who save you money, time, and energy without depriving you from the pleasure of choosing any important details, then BeBride is the solution for you.

We will be glad to welcome you in Lugano. We are graduated in psychology and pedagogy. After working for several years in the social branch, we decided to start a new challenge, organizing weddings and events. We attended professional courses in events planning and learned by experience at a major agency in Milan with we continue our collaboration.

We have experience in coordinating weddings in Italian Riviera to the Lake of Garda, from a trendy nightclub in central London to a lounge atmosphere of a loft in Paris, from a castle in Austria to a vintage villa in Tuscany, and from a yacht at the Cote d’Azur to a luxury hotel in St. Moritz. 

By working with talented decorators, florists, and professional musicians (band or individuals) with extensive experience, BeBride brings your ideas and dreams to life by setting up any sceneries and entertaining you with your favourite songs.

Thanks to this worldwide experience, we are now able to offer to you in our country a top quality service with creativity and customized proposals.


Laura and Paola are available at the registered office of BeBride for a first free consultation.

Phone  +41 (0)91 682 77 59

Mobile  +41 (0)79 855 16 96


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A beach, a chalet. A castle, a farm.

Not only in Lugano, but throughout Switzerland, on the banks of the beautiful Lombardy lakes, on the Monferrato, on the Riviera of Levante, or in a picturesque Tuscan village.

The location, as said today, can be anywhere.

The location of the event has an emotional impact; when you want to organize a party or a wedding, the choice of the place is the result of emotions, experiences, sentimental or practical evaluations. 

We therefore prefer to leave open any possibility to identify where, or even better what. Of course, depending on your preference, we could suggest more targeted solutions.

In fact, however, we have selected  villas on the lake or in the countryside, historic houses, farmhouses, castles, chalets.

And a beach.

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